Chimney Repair Services for Home & Business Property


As chimney repair contractors, the most common type of service call for home and business property is for water leaks!

Safety experts agree that an annual inspection by professionals is essential to check not only the root cause of water infiltration, but other parts of the chimney as well to reduce fire risk, such as:

  • Its overall structure
  • Flashing
  • Need for tuck pointing – deterioration of mortar and masonry
  • Crown that protects the area around the top of the flue
  • Chimney cap repair – to keep the flue protected against the elements

We know how your chimney should really work, and why it sometimes does not!

Call Armstrong Roofing for all of the above-mentioned services for home and business property, as well as Type B vent pipe installation services that provide a continuous passageway from an approved natural gas-fired appliance, or wood stove, to the termination of the vent above the roof of your structure.

B Vent Pipe Installation Services


We have technicians that are trained and skilled in Type B vent pipe installations through the fireplace for a range of applications including:

  • Water heaters
  • Gas furnaces
  • Gas fireplace inserts
  • Wood stoves

From a safety standpoint, as well as trying to figure out the type of piping you will need, and the varying venting requirements, we highly recommend professional installation. As a local family-owned and operated business we place a high value on providing superior service with utmost concern for the safety of our customers.

Whether you require expert chimney repair services or specialized services such as B vent pipe installation, you can depend on us to get the job done right the first time, on schedule and on budget!

Call us today for free advice or a free estimate!

Flashing, Crown and Chimney Cap Repair


If you have leaky flashing, a cracked, loose, or prematurely-deteriorated crown, need for a B vent pipe installation, or you suspect that a chimney cap repair is required, call us!

When any of this type of work is needed, we’re here to help!

We can inspect for problems or issues related to:

  • Water intrusion that can be difficult and frustrating to diagnose
  • Deterioration of the brick and mortar where tuck pointing may be required
  • Deteriorated crowns that are contributing to other component problems
  • A breach in the counter flashing, allowing water to enter during rainfall
  • Missing or damaged cap allowing water or debris to enter the flue

We have provided chimney-related services since the early 1990’s from repairs and installations to tuck pointing and specific services such as B vent pipe installation.

Call Armstrong Roofing for a free estimate. Our experienced technicians can make most any chimney as good as new! 253-221-7663