Composition Roof Installation Services


When it comes to a wide range of choices for home and business owners, a composition roof is one of the most common and most popular.

It is reliable and attractive, and comes in many styles and colors. And just as the name implies, it is a constructed out of several materials that are compressed and blended together into a sustainable and environmentally-sound product.

Our roof installation crew is highly-skilled in the business of installations for both residential and commercial properties using top-of-the-line brands such as:

  • GAF
  • Owens Corning
  • CertainTeed
  • IKO
  • Pabco

Because of the technological advances that have been made, as well as the wide range of colors, textures, shapes, and their durability, we are able to provide quality choices that span from simple and practical to upscale installations to complement the architectural design of most any home or business.

Call Armstrong Roofing for assistance and advice in selecting just the right system and installation to deliver the finest overall value for you!

We Offer a Variety of Composition Roofing Materials


Whether you prefer composition roofing in a style that resemble the look of stone roofing or real shakes, or the look of slate without the high cost, we can make either one happen!

Our composition roofing falls into these three general categories with progressively extended manufacturers’ warranties from basic to premium quality:

  • 3-Tab – a single layer product with three distinct tabs splitting the lower portion
  • Dimensionals or laminates superior to the basic 3-tab with double the material thickness
  • Premium – top-of-the-line, thicker, heavier and larger than standard shingles

We can walk you through a comparison of several brands of each category for evaluation of their warranties, prices, versatility, and benefits right down to weight and dramatic 3D beauty!

And with an installation by our experienced crew, you will receive efficient, quality workmanship every inch of the way! Call today for a free estimate.

Roof Installation, Repair & Maintenance – We Got You Covered!


Our area has a preponderance of building structures with composition roofing systems that are considered the most popular because of their affordable cost, durability and styles to suit a vast range of architectural design elements.

If you are ready to invest in this newest industry standard, we have a top-notch crew with installation experience and a history of doing the job right the first time!

What type of repair and maintenance is required? Not much:

  • In the event of damage, replacement or repair is quick and inexpensive
  • Infrequent algae buildup in wet locations of the country (never power wash it!)
  • Occasional blow-offs

With proper roof installation techniques and regular inspections, these roof systems have so much to offer in terms of strong performance, the ultimate in weather protection and overall value.

Call Armstrong Roofing to learn why we’re sold on this whole idea! We will not disappoint you! 253-221-7663