Green Roof Solutions to Benefit You & the Environment


Grass roofs have been around for centuries!

We want to give you the scoop on living roofs and their implementation because there are many misconceptions and myths about this eco-friendly concept of duplicating nature’s plan.

There are undeniable benefits for you and the environment:

  • Energy savings – they help reduce both heating and cooling costs
  • Provides shade
  • Reduces noise level and sound penetration to your building within
  • Improves the quality of run-off water
  • Air quality is improved by capturing airborne pollutants
  • Reduces storm water runoff
  • Longer roof life cycle when properly installed
  • Aesthetic charm and added curb appeal
  • Negative carbon footprint

We are a team of professionals experienced and highly-qualified in installations of types of green roof systems including careful engineering to ensure the weight is properly calculated.

Call Armstrong Roofing – we’ll give you the scoop on giving your rooftop a colorful hairdo!

Green Roof Systems – It Works for Troy Wagner


A green roof system can go on any home!

As of the owner of this business since the early 1990’s and years of experience in installation, repair and replacement of thousands of roofs, my home has one of the greenest eco-roofs in the world!

It all came about for me and my home when I noticed that rooftops growing moss seemed to stop aging. In developing systems for both residential and commercial clients, we take into consideration every need that will allow the vegetation to thrive and flourish, and to bring about the benefits and desirable aesthetics.

Those considerations include, but are not limited to:

  • Local rooftop environment
  • Types and depths of substrates
  • Root barrier
  • Drainage system

I can tell you with firsthand knowledge that this system works for Troy Wagner, and the environmental benefits are simply undeniable! My eco-roof is the only known system that actually has a negative carbon footprint.

Call to learn more about the types of systems we offer to benefit our customers and the environment, including solutions for sustainable plumbing, rainwater collection, and other associated projects.

A Garden for Grass Roof Can Go On Any Home


Whether you are an eco-buff that prefers the simple ecological benefits, or you have a preference for aesthetic and economic benefits of an extended garden space, we can design both, and many more systems that can be appropriately installed on any home.

We do caution you, however, that an overall system involves a whole lot more than just huckin’ a bunch of soil and plants onto your rooftop! Deciding on your desire outcome is crucial from the beginning stages of planning to ensure that certain criteria can be met:

  • Maximum load-bearing capacity
  • Amount of maintenance (usually low to periodic)
  • Need for irrigation
  • Harmony of plant selection
  • Type of substrate – the deeper the substrate level, the greater possibilities for design
  • Budget considerations

Our grass roof installations offer environmental benefits and a beautiful tapestry that can complement the architectural design of most any home. They are generally low-maintenance. In the rare event of an emergency, we offer 24-hour residential service, including repairs, leak detection and maintenance.

Call Armstrong Roofers to learn how you can enjoy these benefits and a killer view! 253-221-7663