Roof Cleaning Services for Home and Business Property


We offer roof cleaning services to home and business property owners to restore that clean, beautiful new look and to help maintain optimum functionality.

When we have completed the project, the dirt, debris, mildew and bird evidence will be gone, leaving you with a clean finish and enhanced curb appeal!

These are reasons to seriously consider the importance of this type of care:

  • Ensure proper water flow and drainage to gutters and downspouts
  • Decrease the potential for roof leakage
  • Remove algae, lichens and moss that feast off your shingles and your roof deck
  • Diminish the potential for wood rot and mold growth
  • Lessen the potential for costly repairs
  • Safeguard your investment

With our years of experience in master cleaning and roof maintenance of many types of residential and commercial applications of various sizes, designs, shapes and materials, we have the skills for safe and effective removal of debris that may be causing blockages and roof decay.

Call Armstrong Roofing to help protect your real estate investment!

Gutter Cleaning – Inside and Outside Cleaning


This is a very important piece of advice for homeowners – do not wait until you notice a problem to call for inside and outside gutter cleaning!

The effects of rainwater can create havoc on your home when your rain gutters are full of leaves and soil, and asphalt granules from your roofing. In fact, overflowing gutters are the greatest cause of cracked foundations and water problems in basements.

If this is a seasonal task that you dread or find dangerous to do yourself, leave it to us – the professionals! These are a few important benefits of this service:

  • Helps protect the foundation of your home
  • Prevents costly roof leaks when water overflows onto the roof
  • Avert flooding under your home and in your basement
  • Prevents water damage to siding
  • To avoid occurrence of water damming that can cause damage to eaves

We urge you to place gutter and roof cleaning services on your priority maintenance list to avoid costly damage. Call us today for a free estimate!

Proper Roof Maintenance Can Extend the Life of Your Roof


As a roofing contractor with decades of experience, we have found that lack of proper roof maintenance to locate and correct minor problems early-on is the biggest cause of roof problems, and most especially in low-slope types.

Just like the warning from your dentist, a roof needs regular check-ups to provide longer service life!

Studies indicate that when a roof is not properly maintained, it will only last about one-half of its expected service life. Whether you are a homeowner or facility manager for a commercial company, it is vital for you to schedule routine maintenance to:

  • Avoid premature deterioration of your roofing system
  • Protect the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Extend and protect the life of your investment
  • Lower the life cycle cost of your roofing system

And remember, gutters and roofs work together to protect your structure, so we highly recommend gutter cleaning as part of the maintenance program.

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