What are the Benefits of a Roof Inspection?


We may not be professionals at a lot of things, but we know roofs and we know how to perform a residential or commercial roof inspection!

Part of what we do at our company is providing residential and commercial roof inspection services to analyze and evaluate large problems right down to the smallest issues.

We take this responsibility very seriously because your roof is a major investment, and there is no better way to ensure its longevity and your protection.

Whether we are assessing storm damage, checking for deterioration, or providing peace of mind for you that it is in excellent condition, you can trust us to provide the necessary services to:

  • Identify any unseen or unnoticed problems continuously affecting your roof structure
  • Keep your repair costs as minimal as possible
  • Help in extending the life of your roof
  • Make assessments that help in making an insurance claim
  • Detect moisture damage and resulting structural problems

Call Armstrong Roofing to conduct your roof inspection. As a word of caution, it is crucial for you to hire an inspector you can trust because of the many scammers that will try to convince you of repairs you simply do not need.

Roof Inspection Services for Residential & Commercial Buildings


Commercial and residential roof systems are extremely valuable assets that require periodic roof inspections to detect early signs of moisture penetration, damage from a recent hail or wind storm, or any other related problems.

With years of experience dating back to the early 1990’s, we know this business. If you are contemplating a new roof installation, or are concerned about the true condition of your existing system, you’ve come to the right place!

Our commercial and residential roof inspection services are effective for most any type of installation to point out problems and also provide solutions. This is what you can expect from the services we provide:

  • Customized services to meet your unique needs
  • Visual analyses with detailed reports, photographs and measurements
  • Condition reports
  • Life expectancy estimates
  • Leak and ventilation diagnoses
  • Tests for evaluating underlying components

From the results of our roof inspection, we can also provide potential solutions and a free budget estimate.

Call us for a professional roofing inspection to reduce your chances of future extensive damages.

Why Come to Us for a Roofing Inspection?


While a commercial or residential roof inspection does not guarantee that your installation will be free from all problems or future leaks, we don’t miss much while conducting our extensive services.

Our goal is to significantly reduce any chance that you will have to deal with future problems.

One of the major reasons that we recommend regularly-scheduled roofing inspection is to detect the cause of any potential issues before they become extensive and costly. When you see a drip on your ceiling, it’s already too late!

While each roof is different, we conduct a very thorough and complete roofing inspection that may include the following areas:

  • Your roof decking
  • Deck protection
  • Edging
  • The actual materials
  • Hip and ridge areas
  • Flashing
  • Ventilation
  • Vent pipes
  • Skylights
  • Gutters

Call Armstrong Roofing for an evaluation of the condition of your roof, and solutions to prevent structural damage to your residential or commercial building. 253-221-7663