Need Roof Repair? We Can Also Repair Skylights & Chimneys!


There are significant long and short-term effects of delaying roof repair leaks, hail or storm damage, or even evidence of deterioration as a result of aging.

Hiring a reputable company is one of the wisest investments you can make to avoid:

  • Deterioration of structural integrity such as rafters, ceiling joints and wall framing
  • Growth of mildew and mold that can spread through your HVAC system
  • Eventual damage to your ceiling and attic
  • Potential fire – with water leakage into your structure, electrical wires can spark

When your business or industrial structure shows signs of leakage, it is vital that you have a commercial roof repair contractor conduct a timely inspection to locate the source as quickly as possible to avoid interruption of your operations. We provide complete inspection service to identify the full extent and gravity of damage with follow-on repair or replacement services.

You can also call on us for chimney repair, or repair and replacement of solar tubes in your roof!

Call Armstrong Roofing at the first sign of compromise to your roof system.

Roofing Repair Services for All Types of Roofs


If there are signs you need roofing repair services, call us at once for a personal inspection!

With our years of experience in contractor services, once our evaluation is complete, our crew comes ready and fully prepared to complete your project with high-quality craftsmanship on a timely basis.

We offer services for all types of roofs:

  • Residential and commercial
  • Composite shingles
  • Shakes
  • Tile
  • Flat and metal
  • Green (grass)

Unlike some contractors, we welcome the opportunity to provide repairs vs. new installation. If we can help protect your home or commercial investment with repairs to your existing roof, we’re happy to do so!

Call us for an inspection, free advice and a free estimate!

Residential and Commercial Roof Repair – Always Free Estimates


When high winds and heavy storms raise havoc in your neighborhood, you need timely inspection and assessment of a qualified, trusted, top-notch contractor to determine the extent of damage to your roof.

That’s what we do!

Whether your need for inspection comes as a result of storm damage or old age deterioration, we have the expertise to conduct an accurate and thorough assessment to help avoid potentially greater issues in the future.

Why choose as your residential and commercial roof repair contractors?

  • Timely inspections, client consultations, and always free estimates!
  • Superior workmanship
  • Use of high-quality materials
  • We’re friendly and reliable!
  • Services on many types of roofs
  • Years of experience under our belts
  • Competitive pricing for amazing results

Call Armstrong Roofing for a free roofing repair estimate. And remember, your need for repairs won’t just go away -- it will likely become worse. Call us today! 253-221-7663