Tile Roof Benefits for the Home and Business Owner


From the smallest bungalows to mansions and commercial structures, tile roofs have long been the desired choice of astute home and business owners, architects and designers.

In addition to their intrinsic beauty, elegance, and exceptional aesthetics, they offer amazing benefits:

  • Energy savings-great insulator with low heat transfer during warm and cold seasons
  • Can handle heavy snow loads and high winds
  • Resistant to fire, hail and moisture
  • Longevity – will generally last the life of your structure
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sustainability – lowest life cycle costs based upon life of materials and maintenance
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • One of the simplest systems to install (by professionals)

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Tile Roof Repair Services


As a full-service family-owned and operated roofing contractor serving the local area, you can count on us and our highly-skilled technicians for quality installations, repairs, and replacement at a great value.

While a tile roof lifespan is considered to exceed the building it protects, lack of proper maintenance and inspections may result in leaks. Or you may experience broken, chipped or sliding tiles from time to time – normally infrequent, but they can occur.

This area of your building structure is your first line of protection from destructive elements. As tile roof repair specialists, we have an experienced crew that is ready to troubleshoot problems that may occur:

  • Brittle or aging felt underneath the tile that eventually cracks
  • Leakage at chimneys, skylights or roof-to-wall intersections
  • Slipped or broken tiles

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Tile Roof Installation – New Construction or Replacement Roofing


There are many companies equipped to install asphalt roofing, but a tile roof installation should be entrusted to specialists like us!

We see a growing popularity for new construction or replacement tile roofing primarily as a result of:

  • Their energy efficiency
  • Durability
  • Limited maintenance over their extended lifespan
  • Availability of wide range of architectural and color choices

To maximize the investment in your home or business property, it is vitally important to work with specialists that have a successful history of new construction, replacement and tile roof repair for results that last.

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